A. H. L. Free Zone Yeşilköy, İstanbul / Turkey

Employer : A. H. L. Free Zone - Yeşilköy, İstanbul / Turkey
Total Construction Area : 40.000 m²
Information about the facility : İSBİ Business Center / İFTC
Total Investment Value : 18.700.000 USD
Cost of Mechanical Works : 4.365.000 USD
Cost of Electromechanical Works : 285.000 €
Mechanical Works Manpower : 450.000 man hour All Building internal & external Electromechanical Works
Scope of the Mechanical Work : Central heating system, Air Conditioning & Ventilation System, Plumbing system, Automatic Fire Fighting (Sprink, fi re hose cabinet) Systems, Stairs Pressurization System, LPG and diesel dual fuel system, Building Management System, Center Plant and All External Works, Engineering, Project Materials Approvel & Procurement, Construction, TAB, Commissioning, Handover and Operation Services.