HR Policy

PIM Engineering ensures the participation and continuous improvement of employees which is the most important source to carry forward the corporate structure in line with the strategic objectives of the company.

The main object of our human resource policy is to build up the qualified personnel structure that will carry PIM Engineering to the future by adopting the values of PIM Engineering; giving importance to knowledge, value creating, innovative, participant, collaborative features and developing their potential to improve corporate efficiency, constitute the quality of life in our society and to serve our country's sustainable development.

In line with this purpose, PIM Engineering adopts, follows up effectively and implements human resource processes as a part of management approach.

Qualified Manpower

PIM Engineering is selective for the establishment of professional manpower staff to ensure achievement of its targets.

Ethical Values

Our greatest value is that company’s ethical rules are to be owned and protected by employees.

Career Planning

Career planning of our employees begins before being admitted to work. Their collaboration, participation and achievements in line to meet our targets are continuously monitored and evaluated.

Performance Evaluation

Performance evaluation is made in yearly basis depending on demonstrated performance in achieving the goals set depending on the position of our employees.

Corporate Development

Our staff is invited to participate in training programs in line with our corporate targets to develop their personal and professional competencies, to follow up and transfer the applications of the revised systems and technologies by investing knowledge and engineering.

Human resource systems and processes for the continuity of our success is constantly monitored and reconfigured according to changing requirements.