Alpine Bau GmbH

Employer : Alpine Bau GmbH / Investment Firm: OMV Holding Company
Total Construction Area : 110.000 m²
Information about the facility : Management building, oval offi ce building, data center building, installation center, multi-storey car park, parking building and shelter proof.
Total Investment Value : 128.000.000 €
Cost of Mechanical Works : 13.371.652,64 €
Cost of Electromechanical Works : 21.653.214,12 €
Mechanical Works Manpower : 775.000 man hour All Building internal & external Electromechanical Works
Scope of the Mechanical Work : Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Plumbing System, Fire Fighting System, Smoke Evecuation System, BMS - Building Management Systems, Center Plant and All External Works, Engineering, Project Materials Approvel & Procurement, Construction, TAB, Commissioning, Handover and Operation Services.
Scope of the Electrical Work   Lighting system, AVAT & Jalousie Control, Phone, Data Distrubition System, Fire Dedection System, Access Control System.